Kayentis is a software provider specialized in clinical trials solutions.


Kayentis is a global provider of eCOA solutions for pharmaceutical companies.

All our tools and solutions are built to make things simpler for all stakeholders, using a range of technologies to match all types of eCOA context (at home, at site, simple or complex questionnaires).

We are dedicating our efforts to make patients and customers experience smooth and easy, and provide a broad range of services to support your trials.


Enable risk-based monitoring / central monitoring

Kayentis provides a series of tools to help CROs and sponsors put in place efficient and cost-effective solutions to make monitoring more efficient, while reducing its global cost drastically.

These tools allow for central monitoring of documents that, generally, are not tracked within classical EDC systems and are only visible at site level.

The monitoring can be made instantly, allowing to highlight the issues and to put in place or reinforce a risk-based monitoring approach.

They do enhance data quality, reliability, allow for immediate actions if needed, and provide ROI in just a few months.